Privacy Policy

Your data is only stored on your device and on the «LEARNFOX» server. As the publisher of the app, we have no access to your data, do not store it on other systems and do not pass it on to third parties. When you use the app, the data is stored and processed as follows:

What data is stored?

  • The user name of «LEARNFOX» and a token. This information is stored exclusively on your device and is used for authentication to access the «LEARNFOX» server.
  • To ensure copyright and intellectual property rights, the IP address and the device identification number are saved when the documents are downloaded. The password entered is NOT saved on the device, but is requested and processed directly by the «LEARNFOX» server the first time it is accessed.
  • The following data is transmitted to us when you leave a review in the Google Play Store (Android devices): Name, text and rating, time of the review, app version used at the time of the review, and general information about the device used (including details of CPU, operating system, RAM, screen size). Google (Android devices) also transmit statistical data to the publisher of the app (number of installations and distribution across different Android versions), but without the possibility of breaking this data down to individual persons.
  • With the appropriate authorisation, Android devices also transmit crash reports with extracts from the log, including details of the device and software used, without being able to use this information to draw conclusions about individual users.
  • iOS devices (Apple) send us anonymous ratings listed by country and reviews with a timestamp. For reviews, the user name specified on the device is also transmitted.

How is the data collected?

  • Some of the data described above is automatically transmitted and/or stored when the app is used.
  • For reviews in the app stores, you enter the desired rating yourself.

What is the data used for?

  • To check your access authorisation, you must log in to the «LEARNFOX» server via the app. You will receive a token in return, which is used to verify further requests with your device on the server. This makes it easier for you to use the app so that you do not have to log in again every time you access the app. The token expires after 30 days without a connection to the «LEARNFOX» server and is only renewed when you log in again.
  • The statistical data from Google and Apple enables us to continuously improve the quality of the software. For example, we find out which operating systems are being used and can focus on the most frequently used versions and adapt new features accordingly.
  • Error reports with further information about the device enable us to improve the software.
  • Reviews and ratings give us feedback and can also contribute to improving the software.

Who has access to the data?

  • Only the institutions involved in the development (smartive AG) and responsible for the operation (Business Training, Walter Egli) have access to reviews, ratings, error reports and statistics.

Where is this data stored?

  • User name and token are stored both on your device and on the «LEARNFOX» server for authentication purposes.
  • Ratings, reviews, error reports and statistical data are stored on the servers of Google (Android devices) or Apple (iOS devices).

How long will the data be stored?

  • The duration of storage is identical to the duration of access to the corresponding publications. For trainees, it generally corresponds to the duration of training, but can be extended on request.

What rights do I have?

  • You have the right to request information about the data stored by us and its processing and to request the deletion of data relating to you, insofar as this is provided for and to the extent provided for by the applicable data protection law.

Olten, 15 October 2023