Terms of use

1 Validity of the user agreement

The «LEARNFOX»-App is a service for displaying and customising digital publications.
The «LEARNFOX»-App offers end users the opportunity to enrich the available publications with personal data (notes, bookmarks, sketches, etc.) using various tools and functions and to save these centrally.
All end users have the option of synchronising their personal additions across multiple devices.

2 Parties to this user agreement

The user agreement governs the relationship between the end users of the «LEARNFOX»-App and the institution responsible for development and operation (Business Training, Walter Egli | Birkenweg 9 | CH-4600 Olten) – hereinafter referred to as «LEARNFOX».

3 Costs of use, connection fees

The «LEARNFOX»-App is available to End Users free of charge.
The use of the «LEARNFOX»-App on the End Users‘ end devices (e.g. PC or mobile devices) also incurs regular connection or transmission fees, which the End Users must pay to their access provider or mobile phone operator.

4 Conclusion of the user agreement

By using the «LEARNFOX»-App and the information obtained through it, the end user accepts this user agreement.
Registration on the «Zitadel» authentication server is required to use the «LEARNFOX»-App. The use of the «LEARNFOX»-App is therefore only possible with a personal account.
End users may only register once or only create one account on the «Zitadel» authentication server. «LEARNFOX» reserves the right to remove accounts created more than once.
The login process integrated into the «LEARNFOX»-App is carried out solely and exclusively with the access data stored on the «LEARNFOX» server in connection with the digital publications:
[1] user name
[2] a password freely chosen by the end user
No personal data is stored in the «LEARNFOX»-App itself.
The end user data listed above cannot be viewed or accessed by other users of the «LEARNFOX»-App.

5 Changes to the scope of services

«LEARNFOX» reserves the right to change, expand, restrict or discontinue the «LEARNFOX»-App and its functions at any time in terms of content, graphics and/or functionality. The same applies to the additional services offered by «LEARNFOX». «LEARNFOX» assumes no warranty obligation for the operability of the «LEARNFOX»-App on the end devices.

6 Temporal availability

The End Users acknowledge that «LEARNFOX» cannot technically guarantee uninterrupted availability of the «LEARNFOX»-App and third-party services (in particular the synchronisation of data via the End Users‘ mobile phone connection) and that the End Users have no claim against “LEARNFOX” for such permanent availability. In particular, «LEARNFOX» reserves the right to restrict or temporarily suspend the services at its discretion for maintenance, security or capacity reasons.

7 Obligations of End Users

End users shall keep their personal access data secret within the meaning of Section 4 above and shall not disclose it to third parties.
End users undertake not to use the «LEARNFOX»-App to enter any content (in particular in the form of texts, photos, videos, graphics) that is unlawful, in particular racist, pornographic, offensive or defamatory, or that violates the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights or rights of use under copyright law. Accordingly, end users are fully responsible for all content that they publish and distribute via the «LEARNFOX»-App.

8 Personal use

End users undertake to use the «LEARNFOX»-App exclusively for their personal use.
End users may therefore not use the data and services provided and made accessible on the «LEARNFOX»-App, including all content and functions, in any other way, except under the conditions described in section 7.

9 Content from end users and third parties

«LEARNFOX» assumes no liability or responsibility for the content that is collected by End Users when using the «LEARNFOX»-App.
End users warrant that they have the necessary rights to the content collected.
Accordingly, they shall indemnify «LEARNFOX» against all such claims asserted by third parties (including state institutions) against «LEARNFOX» because the aforementioned content is unlawful (in particular property rights such as copyrights or rights to one’s own image).

10 Data protection

«LEARNFOX» processes the data collected from the end users electronically only for purposes arising from this user agreement.
The «LEARNFOX»-App does not store any personal data of the end users or pass it on to third parties. The recording of processes serves exclusively to maintain the technical availability of the system and is not used for further analysis purposes.

11 Blocking of end users

If «LEARNFOX» has concrete indications that the behaviour of End Users when using the «LEARNFOX»-App contradicts these Terms of Use or is illegal, «LEARNFOX» shall be entitled to temporarily exclude this End User from using the «LEARNFOX»-App after giving prior notice, i.e. until the allegations against the End User concerned have been clarified.

12 Termination of the user agreement

The registered end users are entitled to terminate the agreement concluded with «LEARNFOX» regarding the use of the services of the «LEARNFOX»-App at any time without having to give a reason and without having to observe a specific notice period.
For such cancellation, it is sufficient for the End User to send an email via the «LEARNFOX» website ( with their request. Upon express request, all data of the End User will be irreversibly deleted from all services.
However, «LEARNFOX» undertakes to maintain the services for the agreed period. Exceptions to this are cases of breaches of duty by the End User in accordance with Section 11 or the occurrence of technical faults in accordance with Section 6.

13 Final provisions

«LEARNFOX» reserves the right to amend this user agreement at any time without stating reasons.
Should individual provisions of this user agreement be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Olten, 15 October 2023